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“Rumah Gadang”–Minangkabau traditional house

July 2, 2008

Minangkabau traditional house is called “Rumah Gadang” which means “big house”. It is called Rumah Gadang because of it’s big size and it has big function itself. Rumah Gadang in Minangkabau belongs to all members of relatives along the mother’s line called ‘kaum’. The function is as the place for all traditional ceremonies like wedding party or inauguration of a head of clan. Original version of Rumah Gadang made of wood and plaited bamboo for the wall and floor. Palm or coconut trees are used for pillar, and the roof made from palm vibe…

Each element of a rumah gadang has its own symbolic meaning, which is referred to in adat speech and aphorisms. The elements of a rumah gadang includes:
* gonjong, hornlike roof structure
* singkok, triangular wall under the ends of gonjong
* pereng, shelf under the singkok
* anjuang, raised floor at the end of one style of rumah gadang
* dindiang ari, the walls on the side elevations
* dindiang tapi, the walls on the front and back elevations
* papan banyak, front facade
* papan sakapiang, a shelf or middle band on the periphery of the house
* salangko, wall enclosing space under a house that has been built on stilts

There are many variance of Rumah Gadang based on the clan, the size, and the function..
Rumah Gadang is differed into two type based on two Big Clan in Minangkabau :
1. Rumah Gadang Bodi Chaniago
It has smooth floor without “anjuang”

Rumah Gadang with smooth floor

2. Rumah Gadang Koto Piliang
It Has “anjuang”

Rumah Gadang with “anjuang” (raised floor)

Also, based on it’s size and shape, rumah gadang can be differed as mention below :

  1. Rumah gadang Rajo Babanding.
    Consists of 5 rooms, 30 poles, 4 slightly horn shapes
  2. Rumah Gadang Rajo Maharam.
    Consists of 40 poles. It is called Gajah Maharam because the whole shapes look like elephant that sitting on the floor with the legs together and bent back beside the body.
  3. Rumah Gadang Sarambi Papek
    It is smaller than Rumah Gadang Rajo Babanding and consists of 3,4,5 rooms coinciding with the numbers of pole and there is no “paserek” and bedroom here
Usually, in front of rumah gadang, stand small rumah gadang called “Rangkiang(s)”. It is used to keep food (paddy) supply. It also differ based on its purpose. The amount of Rangkiang also differ based on how wealth the “kaum” is.. it could be more than one “rangkiang” standing before “Rumah Gadang”.
  • Sitinjau Lauik
    Located on the left side with 6 poles and functioned as paddy storage to provide the common traditional need of expense.
  • Sibayau-bayau
    Located on the right side with 6 poles and functioned as paddy storage for daily need.
  • Sitangka Lapa
    Located on the left side with 4 poles and has function as paddy storage for disaster.
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  1. March 28, 2010 1:27 pm

    hemm…nice house..indonesia. i love Indonesia

  2. May 5, 2010 9:05 pm

    I Love Minang “Do not know it is not LOVE. Know each other and love each other ”

    my permission to take photos Rumah Gadang

  3. June 12, 2011 10:49 am

    Hi, maaf nih mau kasih saran saja kalau sedang cari info jual-beli-sewa rumah, tanah, apartemen, villa, ruko, dll – silahkan kunjungi – – Semoga sukses ya

  4. Anonymous permalink
    November 7, 2011 4:15 pm

    halo..temen kalau ada job konfirmasi kami ya?


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